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Patient Privacy on SOE

Safety of your information on the software that we use for personal information submitted online.

For patients requiring a greater understanding of Software of Excellence (the software that we use for patient records) :

– how the data is handled

– where the information goes

– who can access it

– how you know the data is safe

Information is transferred over SSL/HTTPS Encryption at transit and rest. Information is passed to the portal for patients to update their forms on the portal. When completed forms are sent to the practice information held on the portal is deleted 3 days after the patient’s appointment or 30 days from the link created.

The practice (Data Controller) has instructed Software of Excellence (SOE), information is processed on AWS Servers in the Republic of Ireland.

SOE (not the contractors or suppliers) cannot have direct access to patient data processed on the portal without unique access codes supplied by the practice, this would be to undertake an investigation in the event processing did not work as the practice expected. The only ones with access are that of the Data Controller (Dental Care Provider) and the Data subject (patient).

As a patient you should be able to see the website is secure with the https//: inscription on the domain dentalhubonline-

The link is unique to you as a patient and should text you to confirm who you are- subsequently existing information will be on the portal on log in.

You can of course as the patient request that this processing activity is restricted, which you can do in the preferences section of the patient file. As the practice relies on lawful basis of processing outside of consent.

If you need more information, please contact UKDPO@SOEUK.COM.

One of the sections you are required to fill in is GDPR permissions of which we are also regulated for the protection of you as a patient.