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Complex Restorative Dentistry

What is complex restorative dentistry?

Complex restorative dentistry is generally dealing with what is termed as ‘failing dentition’. The whole dentition is often affected and needs to be considered in any reconstructive plan.  Not just one or two fillings as many people are used to.

Who is it suitable for?

Patients who ‘just don’t like their teeth’ – generally for cosmetic reasons – darkened or discolour teeth, crowding or obvious unattractive fillings.

Patients who ‘don’t chew as they used to’ or ‘take much longer to eat meals’ – due to lost function.  This can be done to lost teeth active gum disease or heavily worn and eroded teeth.

What is involved?

A clinician will carefully plan each case as many external factors have to be taken into account for example diet, smoking, stress , medication, Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), age, systemic illness, clenching and grinding habits, failure of old dental work etc.

All these factors affect the dentition over time and cause increased decay, fracture of teeth, worsening gum disease and increase wear of teeth.  This continues to the point when patients cannot adapt to the changes any more and seek help.  Just like going to the GP for a condition you cannot put up with any more!

Excellent laboratories are used, together with the clinician’s  implant skills as often required as are the hygienists in order to combat gum disease and to maintain the finished results.

Once the gum disease and others factors are stabilised, the clinician can construct complex bridges, advanced telescopic dentures, aesthetic fillings and ceramic work.  This not only achieves a better smile, but can also remove the need for dentures and will ensure that the best long term results can be achieved.